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    Hollis' latest idea: playing 4 games at once

    Mark Hollis’ latest big idea has been rolling around in the back of his head for several years, but it got pushed to the front on a trip to Dallas a month ago.

    One thing he wanted to make clear Thursday is that it’s far from a sure thing.

    “We should know in the next week or two which way we’re going,” the Michigan State athletic director said of a proposed eight-team, four-court event to open the 2013-14 college basketball season at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the site of the 2014 Final Four. “We’ve got to have a ‘Yes’ from everybody or it’s not happening.”

    The proposed event, initially reported Thursday by Sports Illustrated, would involve Michigan State and seven other schools. Hollis said the other seven have been chosen and are discussing logistics, but he would not reveal the others.

    The idea is to have four games running simultaneously on four courts on the field, starting 15 minutes apart – getting a “March Madness” feel in one building. Hollis has discussed such an event at Detroit’s Ford Field in the past, but the concept got new life on his trip to Dallas to meet with other members of the NCAA Men's Basketball Committee.

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    that would be crazy!!!!

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    Inception: Basketball Style!

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    Its possible. Basically AAU-style.

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