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Thread: Josh Hamilton

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    Quote Originally Posted by tc2deuce View Post
    Do you remember the excitement before the 2011 season? Does names like Mike Napoli and Jonny Gomes fire up the base? I agree winning does solve everything but after our liquidation sale in August, it is Peddy and Papi, that is it. I truly believe Hamilton will become an instant success in Boston and I feel he could be a serviceable DH in the future. I do not see our pitching any better than last year so in order to compete we need to have a dangerous lineup.
    But you're talking marketing, ticket sales, merchandise and TV ratings -- generating demand, not winning titles.

    Retrospectively, I think fans are beginning to come around to the fundamental reality: that much of the hype around this team over the past 2-3 years has due to a miscalculation of how stable, consistent and reliable its core is (most notably the pitchers). Why, for example, anyone -- including myself -- considered Buchholz money in the bank is beyond comprehension in hindsight. Actually translating raw talent into consistent performance is perhaps what defines the elite, cornerstone players from the rest (something Red Sox fans have vastly underrated IMO: just because CB has the best 'stuff' on the staff doesn't really mean anything if we're wondering each off-season what he'll do each proceeding year).

    The BRS can't keep signing/acquiring ancillary pieces to compliment the same players IMO.... They need a new core.... This was addressed last July with the big trade; but if they added Hamilton, how can you build around someone for just 3 years? Strategically, that's perhaps one disadvantage of short-term, big-money deals: little long-term stability.

    Here's why the Lester for Wil Myers deal intrigues me (forget the players, just think of the concept): a HUGE prospect might stave off the desire to go for broke the next 2 seasons and buy some patience amongst the fans. I guess it might be SLIGHTLY comparable to an NFL team adding a top QB and rebuilding for a year or two).
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