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    Arvydas Sabonis made the HOF without making an allstar team in the NBA

    Arvydas Sabonis made the HOF without making an allstar team in the NBA?

    How can this be? the NBA needs it's own Hall of fame.
    "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
    - Michael Jordan

    Thanks MJ-Bulls for the picture.

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    He was arguably the biggest contributor to producing the Dream Team. That alone should get him in.

    Kristaps Porzingis
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    I dont like talking crap about one of the most mentally/physically strong players of his time but your right about the NBA having its own Hall. That said, Arvydas was an All-Star in my book. One of the few LA opponents I can remember cheering for at that point in my life.

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    Underated! He was very good

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    That's because he only played in the NBA once he was old/injured. He would probably of still made it even if he never played in the NBA. He was the best European player ever before his injuries, is one of the best ever in international competition, and was one of the driving forces in changing international basketball forever.
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    supposedly he was one of the baddest ever back in his prime (84-93-ish), i tend to believe it. so many bigtime hall of famers swear he was worthy of being mentoned among the greats

    he's the main reason the Dream Team happened, because he was the best player on the team who beat the USA, & we had a good team then too. David Robinson, Mitch Richmond, Danny Manning, Charles Smith, Dan Majerle, Bimbo Coles, etc
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    The Lithuanian Sensation baby.....He still played decent when he came to the league even playing on only one bum ankle or leg I forget what it was. The guy was a stud though and as everyone else said in this thread he would have been an all time great had he come over. I think Drexler said they would have won a few titles had he was there. Just think the Bulls had no big man who would be able to stop that guy.
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    As if no one's ever made the Hall of Fame without being an All-Star before...

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    Making the all star team is vastly overrated IMO. Anything with fan voting holds no weight in these types of discussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by JordansBulls View Post
    the NBA needs it's own Hall of fame.
    This is correct and answers your question.

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    yea youre right and he's European so he didn't even get in with hca!!!


    sabonis is the greatest euro of all time, and would've straight RAPED NBA centers. Ever heard of Euroleague, or say the OLYMPICS?

    Sometimes I think you're just a troll who makes threads b/c either youre bored or looking to instigate idiot arguments over ESTABLISHED facts....

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    Arvydas Sabonis made the HOF without making an allstar team in the NBA

    If you think Arvydas Sabonis doesn't deserve to be in the basketball hall of fame, you simply don't know know basketball period.

    True legend. A 7'3 center to be so good at passing, and so good at shooting the three and handling the ball. There's NBA legend who have even said that if it wasn't for the injuries, and Russia/ Lithuania not letting him come over to the states, Sabonis coulda been one of the greatests centers of all time. The guy had it all

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    and a woman no one has have ever heard of make it every time too
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    Just about anyone can make the hall of fame now a days

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    You can make the Naismith HOF without even playing one game in the NBA.

    He won a gold in the Olympics another in FIBA, has another couple Olympic medals, and was arguably the best Euro basketball player of the past 30 years and the best Euro big man ever.

    Remember, the NBA has no HOF. There is a basketball one but great globetrotters, womens players, college players, foreign league players etc can all get in that one.

    I do agree, I think the NBA should start their own, but after so long, that would be a tough business decision to make.

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