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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntey View Post
    Yeah you should never offer a FA a max deal just for the sake of it (see: Roy Hibbert). He's playing well and is worthy of a bigger contract but us giving him a max deal would not be helpful. We use up all our money on him, where do we go from there? It reduces our options big time. Just a note though, I believe we could sign him and might look to in the summer but I don't think it would be helpful to us. It would just be Sarver looking for a quick fix.

    It seems Coro has quoted Gentry saying that Beasley might lose his starting spot. Do you guys think if Beasley was our sixth-man he might be more successful? If he could come in late in the quater and just play his game (instead of start and have to play within the offense) and draw the other teams attention to him that might be better? I think Tucker in the starting line-up might help us keep up with the other team in the 1st quater so it should definitely happen.
    I think he will be less damaging because our starters will have an easier time finding a rhythm and our defense will be much improved, but I dont see it improving Beasley's play much and it will probably hurt Dudley to be back alongside Beasley in the rotation, his numbers have drastically improved since he stopped sharing minutes with Michael. Minnesota demoted him to the bench and he was basically the same negative impact player, just less of him.

    When the "DNP coaches decision" start piling up for Super Cool Beas then the team will have finally found his appropriate role.

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    King whats your number?

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