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Ahoda, I hear you but if that were the case we would have signed Melky Cabrera, BJ Upton, Swisher, or Ross ahead of Torii Hunter...

Scherzer and Verlander are the 2 starters that are K pitchers in style...I have both Fister and Porcello down as starters that pitch to contact.

How does the offense lost effect ALL of our pitching staff? A better defensive SS and Porcello has a career ERA in the 3s instead of the 4s.
SO pitchers generally have a higher HR rate and fly ball % due to relying on the fastball more. Contact pitchers pitch down in the zone and generally use a sinker ball with get hits into the dirt. Also, Fister is a better SO pitcher then given credit for. He average 7.6 SO per start last year and he wasn't healthy for the majority of it. I say we have 3 SO starters.

The reasons why we didn't go for the other OFs are simple. Swisher wants too much money and sucks. Ross sucks. Melky has that whole steroid thing. Upton wants a long term deal and sucks with a bat. Hunter is the best club house presence in the OF and also plays a good defense and can hit consistently.