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    Toronto Media Hate

    Check out all of the articles coming out of Toronto over the last couple of days.

    I find them to be pretty humorous. Essentially, they're predicting and relishing in the demise of the Yankees as a brand and organization. Check out some of the headlines:

    "Yankees brand could be losing its appeal"
    December 6
    Toronto Star

    "Decline of Yankee empire opens door for Jays in AL East"
    December 4
    Toronto Star

    "Blue Jays would be favourites to win AL East if season starts tomorrow"
    December 4
    Toronto Star

    Now look -- I've been almost as vocal as anyone on here about how disappointed I am in this offseason. I think we're all frustrated. But what the hell is wrong with the Toronto media?

    Firstly, they're setting their fanbase, which is pathetic at best, up for huge disappointment if the team doesn't perform as well as they're predicting; which is possible considering that the AL East is still going to be a tough division.

    Secondly, they need to pipe the **** down. One big trade and they're anointing themselves "kings of the divison"? They still have massive question marks in their rotation, and we've seen before, as recently as last year with the Red Sox and Angels, that while a flashy team on paper is nice, they still need to prove they can put it all together on the field.

    I understand that Toronto, who hasn't been truly relevant since the early 1990's, is really excited about their team (which may certainly be capable of winning a lot of ballgames) and is hungry for postseason baseball, but they need to seriously take it down a notch and worry about how they're going to improve their starting pitching and bullpen before they crown themselves.

    The fact that they're more concerned with the Yankees' lackluster postseason than their own productive one is pathetic. In my opinion, they're still lacking self confidence and are worried that Cashman might pull off another ninja trade and yank the rug from right out under them.

    Just my humble $.02...
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