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are you playing dumb are or are you just mentally dysfunctional? wasnt Josh Mcdanials the person who directed that New England offense when they went 18-1 & 11-5? Didnt josh Mcdanials return to New England last yr Implement that very same offense as we speak?

Key word "ONE YEAR" he finished 8th...he threw 27TD & 7INT, the rest of his career in KC a wopping 42TD & 47INT, trust me its the system

That is my point you have never seen him under any other system or with any other Coach to validate that he would have excelled anywhere else, Im not saying that Brady is not good I just don't think he is better than Manning

9-10? you mean 6-10? smh... he did have a bad yr throwing 26INT but also threw for over 4,000 yds with 62.7 completion %, which was actually a better completion % than 2 of 3 of Brady's Superbowl winning seasons so go figure....Oh yeah and Edgerrin James ACL tear didnt help any either

well when you only throw for less than 4,000 yds for only three times in 15 yrs It shows you they are doing hell of alot more throwing than running which would imply that outside of Edgerrin James and 2 decent seasons out of Joseph Addai that he really didn't have a running game

please dont be bias because your a Patriots fan
Edgerrin james ran for almost 10000 yards as a colt (9,226). he led the league in rushing his first 2 seasons. Manning had 9 1000 yard rush seasons on teams from players he played with on while with the colts(9 out of 12 years). That seems indicative of a good running game