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Thread: Fonzie?

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    rumors swirling....I'd take a shot with Soriano, as long as the Cubs are paying him, I'm in, lol! That probably kills any Ruf-time though
    I like this trade with or without Josh H, I say let's stock up!

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    The deal appears to be a longshot to happen, according to Jayson Stark of (via Twitter). The Phillies were uninterested in Soriano when first presented with the possibility but warmed up to it enough to consider it.

    thank god

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    not a big fan of soriano, mostly because of his thanx...

    ...but, with him and hamilton (and our current guys) you would have a minimum of 200 HR's - the broad St bashers are back! Of course, with the long ball, comes the "K"...

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    Here's something to keep in mind. The more injuries a training staff is dealing with, the more likely a healthy player is to become injured. The correlation is high enough to suggest causation (and it's quite plausible).

    The Phillies already have an injury problem. Add Hamilton and Soriano to that nightmare and it would be the bubonic injury plague.
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