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I have to laugh (hysterically) at the majority of you fools. So the yanks are going to cut ~15 million from payroll by 2014. So what, that won't end the world or mean that the Yanks won't be competitive.

In case you have forgotten, the Giants have won 2 of the last 3 world series... With payrolls of less than 100 million in '10 and less than 120 million this year. The Yankees have had the highest payroll of all 30 MLB teams for years, and have only won the WS once.

The problem is, Since the Juice is being taken out of the game, by the time most UFA's hit the market, their top years are almost totally gone. Any years on a contract past 35 are insane now, where while the players were juicing it was common for players to play well into their 40's.

The Yanks are trying to correct issues that have been building for years. It will take time, but I don't see any last place finishes (see Boston 2012) in their future getting there.

Let's face it, outside of Hamilton and Grienke I don't see any really good high priced talent. Nothing to get excited about. Yes, we lost out, but it's not like we lost a battle... Hell, the NYY never made the players an offer meaning the Yanks NEVER ENTERED the battle.

So be patient. It's not like we can field an all star team every season. Hell, many of you were saying Martin was a scourge only a few weeks ago are now complaining the loudest that the Yanks failed to retain him. Seems to me, that if it weren't for complaining, you would have absolutely nothing to post.