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    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    The only way to make people quit saying that Cruz is better is for Jackson to actually, you know, be better than Cruz. He's not.
    Its subjective, that is your opinion of him and that's fine I'm not going to knock you for being unaware.

    Riddle me this if slot WR's are valued so highly then explain why Welker is never ranked in the top 5 as a WR despite always producing like one
    Quote Originally Posted by fanofphilly View Post
    yeah np man..

    I hear that about DJax but personally I prefer this scenario...

    Dwayne Bowe - big physical great route runner had drops early but prove himself... and holy YAC too
    DeSean Jackson - let him be the deep threat keep the safeties true....
    Jeremy Maclin - put him in the slot or honestly trade him and keep Avant there hes one of the best slot 3rd down wr's in the league.

    but if we cant get FA options...

    I would still like to trade Maclin....he has shown me nothing worth keeping at all esp these past few weeks when he is the CLEAR CUT #1.

    Cooper - split
    DJax - split
    Avant - slot

    Man i hate to sound like a debbie downer, but all that we wanted for the longest time were WR' all I want is DIFFERENT ones LOL.... man their good but just not good enough...i want a Hakeem Nicks / Dez Bryant / Justin Blackmon / Dwayne Bowe / Calvin Johnson / Andre Johnson / Julio Jones

    Ya I want a big physical WR to, I got duped into thinking Maclin would be that type of guy when we got him in the first but boy was I wrong. I don't think Bowe is attainable unless we give them a top pick and if they franchise him and we sign him then we have to surrender our first and I ain't going for that trade off.

    I would love to give a third for Bowe if their looking or Maclin and a 4th for Bowe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    100 says we win at least 8.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eagles4Lyfe View Post
    Your on.

    Homerism at its finest

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