I dont know why most people are all over dwayne casey this guy is a GREAT coach, he just needs some talent to work with, raptors do not have enough talent to do some damage in the playoffs so here what i suggest

anyone think charlotte would trade there pick for bargnani..... if theyre still in the playoff hunt come the trade deadline then they might give up there pick to make a push for the 8th or 7th seed.

build the team around lowry,derozan and val.... after bargs is traded i say we give ed davis the starting role just to see what hes got if he starts with us for 30+ games

If we are the worst team in the NBA then there is a high chance that we will be in the top 3 so we can still have our pick and we'll have another pick to work with in the draft

finally i say we fire Bryan Colangelo im tired of him its time to bring in someone new to re-build this team the long and proper way