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So MY is injured/OLD and plays bad defense...He will cost us prospect/specs and 6 mill.....So why exactly take that risk and pay that price when we have guys right now in galvis/fran who would likely be just as good but with a higher upside?

MY is not enough of an upgrade if an upgrade at all over what we have so why even go get him? That alone is the answer is it not? The good clubhouse guy or good leader crap is overrated...We have a ton of guys from Halladay/Lee/Hamels/Charlie/Howard/Utley who are all good club house guys and leaders.
If you really believe Frandsen/ Galvis is better than MY there is no need to discuss any further. We are simply at loggerheads.

As to your point about leadership being overrated I ask simply; have you watched an Eagles game this year?