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  • ...will probably happen in our lifetime, or at least within the 21st century.

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    You seem to be arguing against a point I wasn't trying to make.

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    What about a video game using this AI? It wouldn't have preset phrases like a mass effect but would be able to respond to anything you said. Now I'm disappointed

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakers4sho View Post
    only 140.1 x 10^6 logical positions after move 1

    How do you determine what is "best"? How do you quantify it to something that a computer can "understand" and process?

    Without their game databases (which is literally the only advantage that a computer has over a Grandmaster), computers are actually pretty terrible at chess. Actually, just take away their opening book, any grandmaster can beat a computer with relative ease.

    Just about 20 years ago (when opening and endgame tablebases have not been created yet), every computer engine, and i mean every, would blunder many simple positions that even your normal club player would laugh at it.
    This "database" if you will is actually a huge part of what makes grandmasters so good. Part of it is simply a matter of short term memory... A grandmaster is not dealing with each piece on the board, they are chunking it together just like when you try and remember 582 you don't have to remember 5 and 8 and 2, but you can remember five hundred eighty two as a single item.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrPoon
    man with hair like fire can destroy souls with a twitch of his thighs.

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