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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungStuna28 View Post
    You think Taylor could be a starter?
    If they can convert guys like Degrom and Goeddel to starting, I suppose they could try that with Taylor. Sounds like that type of stuff, 90-94 FB, sharp curve. Ultimately, I think all three are probably pen candidates, though.

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    It's very hard to project kids that far away. You hope out of Wheeler, Familia and Mejia all three make it and at least two of them are impact players. From Goeddel, AMorris, Fullmer, Tapia, Montero and Gorski you hope you get two solid major leaguers. From Carson, Urbina and Edgin you hope you get one good LOOGY. That would net six major leaguers out of 12 prospects...a high success rate....add them to Harvey, Niese, Gee and Parnell and you have an almost home grown staff for the next eight seasons and the rest can be bundled for upgrades at other positions.
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