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Yeah I like Goeddel, would have him squarely in the 2nd tier. Leathersich could be 2nd tier as well, I had him on the borderline and dropped him to 3rd tier in the end to balance the tiers. Morris is 3rd tier because he's far away, high risk (command issues), and a likely pen arm. And Fraser maybe could have a shot as a pen arm, but not sure he gets the opportunity. He's probably just behind the other guys mentioned.
Goeddel lost some of his luster this year. I wouldn't put him up there in that 2nd tier with DeGrom or Pill.

Morris dropped out of the picture with his performance at Kingsport, where he was repeating a year.

Fraser is OK. He could grow into a good pen option like Edgin did. I also think Armando Rodriguez can make an impact in the pen, possibly even this year.

Leathersich, IMO, has a great future. Definitely right up there.

I didn't consider relievers in my list, since they are rarely coveted as prospects, and as starters fall by the wayside they become relievers too. That said, the Mets system has some fine bull pen arms. Consider:

Mincone, Sewald, Bowman, Wynn, Vanderheiden, Taylor, Yanez, Bradford, Chism, Morel, Bennett & Kolarek.

Soome of them still have too few innings to make any sound judgement, but in their limited time they looked very good.