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    10 Mets Pitching Prospects Asked for in Nashville

    In an interview with SNY, SA mentioned teams are asking about 10 different Mets pitching prospects in various trade deals. Nice to have such depth in the pipeline finally. Do we deal from strength to fill holes in 2013? Please no aging bullpeners, injured starting pitchers or third tier catchers for a guy who becomes star in three years [think of how much better off the Mets would have been over the past five years if we kept Kazmir, Bell, Lindstrom and JSmith just to name a few]!

    1) Harvey---off limits though maybe he was not counting him as he has established himself as a major leaguer with a bright future
    2) Wheeler--off limits as well.
    3) Familia---future #3 pitcher, closer, setup man or just another fringe reliever? Hard to tell yet but he is so young and has moved up so fast I lean toward the higher end of the scale
    4) Mejia---see Familia, high upside if he can get control
    5) Fullmer---raw but promising
    6) Montero--SA specifically pointed out how much they love this guy...from summer league to high A in one season and scheduled to start at AA in 2013...rising blue chipper.
    7) Tapia---raw but great stuff

    And now the lefties:
    8) Edgin---we need him in our pen now
    9) Carson---hope he breaks out and grabs the second LOOGY spot
    10) Urbina---lefties take awhile to develop but I think of him as a future closer or 8th inning guy like Feliciano was for us.

    If half of these guys reach their potential, added to Niese, Gee and Parnell, we have a core for the next eight years to keep David Wright company on the way to regular post season appearances and a title or two [or three].

    I would like to get a JC Arencebia from TOR to fill the gaping catching spot---could Mejia or Familia plus one other pitcher from the bottom half of this list be enough? If the top position players [WFlores---please move him to LF or RF already, Puello, ARodriguez, CVaughn, Nimmo, Havens, Lagares] move quickly and stay healthy we could finally resemble the 1980s Mets teams where a stud player reached New York every year and we had the depth for great trades for stars to help the team reach the World Series. The team stank in 1983 but Doc and Straw were on the way, Mazzilli was traded for Terrell [for HoJo] and Darling, Bailor and a warm body got us El Sid, Allen and Ownbey got us Keith, Brooks, Fitzgerald and Youmans got us GCarter [R.I.P.], Hearn got us Cone, and we harvested Mitchell, Dykstra, Magadan, Elster, Aguilera, Jefferies et al. If the wild card existed back then we would have been in the post season every year from 1984-1990. Those times are ahead of us with the right moves.
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