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Look guys:

Demar, Ross and Pietrus should be able to hold the wing positions with Kleyza, Andersoon and Fields coming in when needed. Lowry and Calderon are both very good PGs. We had different flavors at PF.

The hole in raptorland is the Center. It always have been like that

- JV is good but he is noob and paired with Bargs makes him worse. He'll be ok in three years.
- Bargs is Bargs.
- Amir is not a center and has been played out of position.
- Gray is a poor backup at his best.

To me:

1. Mc'Glorie had an impact last year. Last year success in the defensive end has his name. Even if you don't like it.
2. Triano was a very smart coach. He was able to stay in a lot of games without a real Center and the offence was fluid.
3. Jose is the best point guard the raptors have ever had.

Solution: Transfer one of Bargs/Amir or Davis for a real Center who can hold the position for two or three years while JV gets his way.

Stop ******* around.
i agree with the bolded. the rest not so much. of course i am assuming McGloryhole is Magloire.