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Ha if anyone does its you. I guess you really have no idea how dumb you seem defending Ireland time and time again.

99% of the football world knows Ireland should not be a GM, but you keep defending him. It isn't just his football moves witch are piss poor its how he handles himself in other aspects as well. (Dez incident, Fan incident, etc etc)
You're the one who made it seem like they're the same person by suggesting that it wasn't a hard pick because he has a twin who made the pro bowl the year before. Do you want to see that post again?

And for the 100th time: I believe that any GM should get at least three years to prove himself. If this was someone else I would treat him the same way. If it can be proven that Ireland had full control of this team since 2008 then I would want him gone since that would mean he's been in charge for five years but that's not the case. The Miami Dolphins made it official when they said that Jeff Ireland received full control of the organization on September 7 2010. And its not like I'm going around saying Ireland is the best GM in the NFL. I've criticize him for drafting Gates, Thomas, cutting Crowder(at the time I was mad at him because I didn't see Burnett as an upgrade), not picking up Randy Moss off waivers back in 2010 and not trading up to draft RGIII. You're the one who cant give him credit where its due. You're always saying stuff like: Pouncey was a good pick but his twin brother made the pro bowl the year before so that wasn't a hard pick. Solia and Wake both signed cheap deals to re-sign with us but it was because they wanted to stay close to their families. Even when you thought that Ireland had full control of this team since 2008, you said stuff like: Davone Bess was a good pickup but the only reason he signed with us was because we had a weak WR core. Wake was a good signing but the only reason he signed with us was because we offered him more money.