Back in the old days, Hafez al-Assad was considered to be a horrible leader. A threat to peace in the region, that could spill out into the world. Those were the Cold War days.

He died.

His son, Bashar Assad takes over the family business. He graduated from medical school in Damascus, then went on to ophthalmology school in London. He looked like a reformer. He looked like a hope.

Now, according to the news, his planes are loading up with Sarin Gas components. Sarin in a nerve agent, has been officially classed as a weapon of mass destruction and was outlawed in 1993.

The use of this would be a violation of international law and would make Assad (assuming he ordered it, which would be a pretty safe assumption) a war criminal.

If you were the President, you would have already warned him not to do it. Assuming he does use it, what do you do?