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I agree. Linehan may be a smart man, but he can't game plan worth a damn. Our plays are literally so damn predictable even many of us know what's coming and when... just imagine if we actually reviewed game film more and were planning against it

I posted the article in the GT for the Packers and it basically says about us running out of the shot gun way too damn much and how predictable our running game really is and even offense in general even is.

Give Stafford back his ability to change plays at the line dammit.
Exactly...If he is going to be our franchise QB than let him lead us . He won't lead us to the promise land if he doesn't have the ability to change the play when he sees what the D is giving him. I honestly think that our close games this year could have been W's if Staff had the ability to audible out to a different play. We can play the woulda, coulda, and shoulda of game all year with this team. It is what it is and we look to next year.