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Your thoughts on Angel are almost as bad as your thoughts on Melo.

Pagan is definitely worth that deal in this market. If it wasn't for his down season in 2011, he would have gotten a deal closer to Upton's imo.

The worst deal of the off-season is Victorino's 3/$39M deal with the Red Sox, he is clearly declining.
First of all, don't bring Melo into this. Overrated loser. Let's move on.

Second, yes, that is the market. Victorino and Pagan both got deals they didn't deserve, everyone is. What I'm saying is that the Mets need to improve their offense 5X as much as Pagan alone would do. The team has almost no speed, almost no power, 0/3 outfield spots are filled and there's no catcher.

Do you disagree?