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View Poll Results: Are you sick of Cam Newton?

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    32 53.33%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColtsSpursTerps View Post
    To be a championship caliber QB, you've got to have a little something upstairs...i don't think cam has much of anything going on upstairs
    Please, explain why you think this. He's shown that he's not stupid by any means. He hasn't handled the media well this year, that doesn't mean he doesn't have "much of anything going on upstairs".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ztilzer31 View Post
    Okay so when Cam came out I was the loudest guy in the room calling BUSSTTT, but after his first season I quickly stopped my quick judgement, but after the last year of negative reports I'm sick of him.

    I know it's just a dumb article about a guy who didn't even put his name on it, but come on. Act like you don't believe. This kid has been big headed ever since he entered the league. He was telling people he was NFL ready right after the National Championship. Then he goes out and sells his autograph for 400 dollars, but refuses to do a fan signing at the Pro Bowl?

    I hope he gets it together, but as of right now I'm sick of Cam Newton.
    Watching him during the combine, his interviews, and the type of celebrations seem very "me".

    I can't put my finger on it, but there is something about him that just seems disengeniunous. I don't want to seem old, but I just don't like these types of players.

    I would love to see him surrounded more by his team. I'd like to see him stand behind the coaches even if he doesn't agree with them. I'd like to see him talk more about winning and losing as a team.

    He's a superstar, he is 100 times better than I EVER thought he would be. I thought Carolina was stupid to draft him #1 and I was absolutely wrong. He's incredible as a talent. However, as a team leader and a QB I hold him to a different level of standards off the field. I'm sure he's a hard worker, I'm sure that he has done plenty of charitible acts, and I'm sure there are a lot of teams who would want him as their starting QB. I just can't connect with him.

    I compare him to RGIII and I just see two different types of interviews and different types of leadership. RGIII hasn't faced the adversity yet that he has and maybe we'll see more later, but I know I'd follow RGIII's lead. I'd want my children to be more of an RGIII type of person than I ever would his.

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    I actually like Cam Newton a lot. I think he plays with a ton of passion, and he has a cocky side that's not over the edge, but a cocky side that makes good QB's great. People are over blowing every single thing he does this year, I'd prefer to have a QB who cares so much about the team that he rants after games, then a QB who doesn't give two *****.

    He has a ton of talent, it's only his second year in the league and his ceiling is infinite, he is a better passer then most mobile QBs like him, and he can seriously be something special. As a Saints fan, it scares me that Cam's going to be in this division for a long time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ne3xchamps View Post
    where is all the cam newton lovers?? All the posters who were giving the posters **** for saying he was going to be a bust and wasn't NFL ready?? ..............

    I thought so.
    I was going to say, "I'm still here," but I didn't like the pick when Carolina made it. I thought Newton was going to be bad for the first few years. That being said, he's done well in the NFL and is far from a bust.

    Quote Originally Posted by ne3xchamps View Post
    The rest of his career is going to be a "slump"... kind of like sanchez, but better arm.
    The two are nothing alike. Not even in statistics. Newton also isn't a game-manager. Put Sanchez in Newton's exact position and he'd have a 40% completion rating and a -20 TD/INT ratio.

    Quote Originally Posted by ColtsSpursTerps View Post
    To be a championship caliber QB, you've got to have a little something upstairs...i don't think cam has much of anything going on upstairs
    Just out of curiosity, what do you base his intelligence on? The only thing I've ever noticed to judge a football player's intelligence is A.) if he had a high wonderlic score and B.) if he had a difficult degree in college. Less than 5% of NFL starters have these two things.

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