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    1.Carmelo Anthony
    2.LeBron James
    3.Kevin Durant
    4.Tim Duncan
    5.Zach Randolph
    6.Chris Paul
    7.Rajon Rondo
    8.Kobe Bryant
    9.Deron Williams
    10.James Harden

    Melo to me so far has been the league's most 'valuable' player. He's led his Knicks to a surprising 13-4 start and this is after a season where Melo was criticized more than any other point in his career and the thought had settled into a lot of people's minds that Melo couldn't share the ball enough and be the best player on a championship team. SO FAR he has proved the doubters wrong and has helped his team off to an incredible start. He's played efficient and has put in a lot more effort on the defensive end. To me, he's the MVP so far.
    I also showed much love to Zach Randolph who has also led his team to a very surprising start at 13-3 atop the Western Conference. His production has shown how truly important he is to this franchise and is clearly their best player when healthy. He's off to a great start statistically and has been a monster on the boards. Simply unstoppable thus far in the early going.
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