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    Light in this darkness

    Aside from Ponder regressing, Musgrave's horrible play calling, & Frazier's inability to coach a football team, I have noticed some bright spots on our team.

    First off, AP, wow man, NO ONE expected a season like this. He has really proved all doubters wrong, it sucks a season like this is going to waste and hasn't even helped open up our passing game.

    The Wilfs, man they are great owners and want what is best for the team, I just wish they had a bit more football knowledge, I hope they look at a new offensive coordinator next year.

    Our draft, Matt Kalil came as advertised! What a great pick, so far, he really provides hope for our offensive line. And wow Harrison Smith may be my new favorite player! For a rookie safety he is playing amazing, he will only grow and learn to play smarter! I can't wait! We have also had some other solid picks like Ellison, Wright, sad for Childs he was looking great, and so on. But we have a bright future if Spielman can keep it up working drafts like he did this year.

    I just hope the Wilfs take a strong look at the team and say, we want a winner, no more of these "experiments" and lets give the kid time.

    So many questions this offseason, even more than last season! I just look forward to a brighter tomorrow.
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