According to La Velle E Neal, the Twins actually have offers out to Joe Saunders and Franciso Liriano. Though I have not seen it reported anywhere, on KFAN this morning, I believe I heard La Velle also say he believes the Twins have offers to other guys including Edwin Jackson, Shawn Marcum, Brandon McCarthy, Jair Jurrjens, Joe Blanton, Kevin Correa and Brett Myers.

If true, that is a lot of offers on the table, obviously even if one guy decided to sign, the other offers would be reconsidered.

Personally I would get excited if the Twins snagged Jackson and Marcum. In my opinion, I think Saunders and McCarthy are going to get paid $8-12 million which is much, much to high and I have no interest. If the other names could get signed fairly cheaply, I'd be interested for the back of the rotation.