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gose is no where near mike olt lol, olt is a above avergae hitter power, and bat speed wise. Gose is a 4th OF right now, dude hasn't hit for good average in the minors, what makes u think he will hit for good average in the majors? give us sanchez or noah + gose + jp and dickey is all yours if not, then u won't get him. the mets have already turned down gose and jp a few days ago from what I heard , step it up.
This is straight up moronic. Please go back to the Mets forum and stop posting here. It is pretty hilarious that the Mets are asking for ludicrous packages like Olt + Martin ++ from Tex and Gose + Arencibia + Syndergaard/Sanchez from the Jays for 1 year of Dickey. I wouldn't trade Gose + Arencibia straight up for Dickey. Also threatening to keep him is not fooling anyone. Good luck trying to rip off two of the best ninjas in baseball.