Reports are that the Twins are shopping Morneau around. Previously Terry Ryan said he didn't expect the Twins to actively trade more established players but instead get active in free agency. Turns out that may have been a fib as Morneau's name is once again popping up. Baltimore sounds like it might be the prime target.

The Orioles really only have three decent prospects, Machado, Bundy and Gaussman (who would have to be a PTBL) but none of those guys would be available especially for only Morneau. Not sure what the Twins would be looking to get in return. Most likely one of the former top Orioles' pitching prospects who have failed to materialize; Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta, or Zach Britton. Chris Tillman probably pitched well enough last year to make sure he's not an option.

Getting back to the first point, Ryan had previously indicated that he would concentrate on trades, not free agents. Trading Morneau may indicate that Ryan no longer believes he is capable of spending to fix the rotation and may be passively implying that the Twins will indeed begin rebuild mode. More thoughts to counter that thought in the next Winter Meetings thread.