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Hopefully this gets other teams interested btw. Hes not completely uninteresting but the bar should be higher here. Way higher....
Depends on what you think he's going to be. If he can truly fix his k rate and get back to that .250/.350/.450 ceiling with average defense in CF and plus defense on the corners....he's a 3-4 win player. If his k-rate is only marginally fixed, then yes, he's probably only a 2 win player...but that's still fairly valuable, especially for the first 3 year of free salary Jackson (much in that mold of why Barney was valuable coming out of 2011 to 2012). If his k-rate isn't fixed as all...then he's just fully broken and worthless.

I still think he's fixible to the point of getting back to where we hoped he was. Unlikely, but possible.