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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsforever View Post
    Dude the team came out and played like dog ****ing ****. You can say what you want about them not being forced to go. I get that. But they still went and made plans to go and watch their team put up a fight. The team's fight was hilariously bad, especially when you consider that they played extremely well on the road against that same team not too long before.
    Sorry dude, I will not buy into this. The team played like crap, but it's not like they went out there and said, "hey let's see how bad we can play tonight."

    They may have "deserved" to be booed, but they didn't deserve that barrage. No one does, and a bunch of scumbags who know there will be no accountability for their actions are nothing but cowards.

    Stand in frront of a guy twice your size and talk to him like that in the real world, and you better be prepared to get your *** kicked. Looking at those dweebs, I know they'd scream like girls if a 280 lb man got up in their face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjetswin71 View Post
    As an educator I have a different stance than most. I feel that fans who pay their money have the right to say anything they like. The main reason being is that these players are supposed to be professionals.

    As a Dean at a school I am in charge of discipline. I have individuals curse me out and disrespect me on a daily basis.

    What?! Who's disrespecting the dean of all people? No one should be disrespecting anyone in a professional setting. But a performance is not a professional setting. It's a public event sold to paying customers. So I agree with you. I don't actually advocate such shameful behavior but I'm not going to ban it either. Fans have a right to cheer so they also have a right to boo. You gonna ban vocal expression?
    As for you being the dean, what sort of disciplinarian tolerates cursing out and direspectful behavior? I'm guessing you're from a blue state.

    As a professional however, I cannot stoop to their level and begin spouting inappropriate language back at them or negatively talk about them through any social media (i.e Facebook, Twitter). As with some students who become upset, I even expect it. Hence when the team you represent is down 35-3 as a player expect it too!!!!! Focus on doing your job as a professional.

    IMO fans have a right to verbally express themselves. Just like students however inappropriate their behavior may be have the right to receive an education. As a minority I take offense to many of the posters on here who make subtle comments about Sanchez's background, but many people have no problem with it. As most of us heard, or hear when we go to Metlife stadium many fans do not have a problem with personal attacks, whether negative, racial, or derogatory in nature towards the players and coaches. As professionals these athletes must block it out and continue. Yes I understand them being upset with the attacks and language, but just like I can understand when a student curses me out because of a situation, these players need to understand the fans frustrations too!!!!!

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