9 players hold a significant portion of cap space for 2013

Carson Palmer-13 million
Big Rich-7.5 million
tommy kelly-6.5 million
tyvone branch-6 million
Dmac-5.8 million
Breisel-4.3 mil
Mclain -4 mil
Huff-4 million.

In addition,Jano is 3.8.

who do you see getting cut?
Ill research each player and provide guarentee money based on your answers..Let me start with #1...Palmer has 5 million guarenteed for 2013 so when you consider replacing him, you must acknowledge that anyone we sign would have that 5 million added to their contract as far as what weve paid to make the switch, so If we went with say a Alex Smith it would be a 13 million push, becasue he is a 8 million dollar hit, plus carsons 5.
due to this, I dont see carson going Anywhere.