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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Leethal View Post
    Heat are coasting and they are expecting themselves to turn it up once the playoffs start. Mavs did the same thing after winning, Dirk came in in awful shape. The sense of urgency goes away once you win it all. They were men on a mission last year after losing in the finals and after winning, they are polar opposites.

    Most teams do this after winning a chip. Thing is, no guarantee once you coast for that long that you can ever turn it up - you get too accustomed to coasting. Teams that had it turned up all season can take you out (see '11 Mavs sweeping Lakers). Thats what we need to hope for. Theres a reason championship teams almost never repeat.
    Different situation that was a lockout season a lot of players came in out of shape. I doubt Miami will be coasting in the playoffs, when they have vets like Allen, Battier and the best player in the league in Lebron, we'll see though

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    That lost to the Wizz means the other posters said, "they're just bored."

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    The key issue for them is Wade. He's not getting any younger, and his reckless style of play throughout his career has probably shortened his overall career length. He still looks pretty good, but doesn't have the speed and athleticism that made him elite just 2 years ago.

    They were banking on the idea that their big 3 would stay healthy, if one of them goes down they're in SERIOUS trouble.

    They just don't have the depth to be considered runaway favorites. They gave Mike Miller their MLE last year, and he can barely walk anymore. Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis have shown glimpses of working well in this system, but overall they've both been very disappointing.

    And what happened to Joel Anthony? Is he injured? His offense was always anemic but he was such a force defensively. Excellent athlete with good shot blocking abilities.

    The Knicks are much deeper than them, and more importantly, have much more size than them. The Heats lack of size and depth are very worrisome issues that they need to address if they are trying to pursue a dynasty down there.

    Now that being said, they have to be the favorites. They went to the finals back to back years and are the current world champs. Got to beat the man to be the man. Only thing is their current roster is much more different from previous years, their lack of size this year is very evident (you could see how many issues they were having against bigger frontcourts like ours and Memphis.) I just don't see them as the runaway favorites or guaranteed to win the chip every year with their team "as-constructed."
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    oy vey stop making these threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by still a fan View Post
    I'm okay with this but you went back and forth with me over the same opponent because you hold the Knicks to such high standards and no way they should lose even if they play the bench?

    Here's just one of about 5 posts we had discussions on: if it doesn't apply to Miami why to our Knicks?
    If you read the earlier posts in that thread, I also said that the Knicks should win UNLESS the other team plays lights out.

    The Wizards played lights out against the Heat. 60 points in the First half is as lights out as you get for the Wizards.

    Those losses are losses you can live with. Every dog has its day.

    Not the same as the Lakers losing to Houston... Houston shot 37.5% that game, the Lakers blew a 17 point lead, and it was due to piss poor defense. They gave up 21 offensive rebounds and had 19 turnovers.

    As I went over in that thread, I said I was LESS concerned with a loss than HOW they lose.

    Lose because the other team plays lights out and the Knicks play well? That happens. Lose because the Knicks can't be bothered to play CORRECTLY, that's a different kettle of fish.

    If you're still unclear on the distinction I'm making, feel free to send me a message.

    There are few losses that are 'good' losses for a team that wants a Chip, but there are some that are better than others.

    And is there a bit of a double-standard in relation to Miami? Yes. Because they've SHOWN that they can Turn it Up. Championship last year, ECF the year before. Their roster is essentially the same, and they still have one of the best records in the ECF this year.

    When I look at Miami, I can say with high confidence that they're Coasting and Know how to turn it up come playoff time.

    With 10 new players, we're just not in that position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by still a fan View Post
    Guys who claim to watch the Heat and say they had an off night?

    It was a typical Heat game, the Heats big three put up their number, Wade had even better than norm. Lebron was a Triple double and then some, Bosh was Bosh.

    The Heats problem is Ray has not been Ray, many here and around the NBA get all over our age but don't look at the Heats main 6th man's age?

    Ray has been off more than on, and the Heats bench production as been nothing more than average at best.

    Even without our two starters, the Knicks are deeper, and I say that at this point of the season based on the production of guys like Sheed, JR, Kidd, Pablo, Novak and even Cope to some degree.

    And Washington did not play out of this world, whoever said that did not watch the game, they were simply better than their play this season which isn't saying much, but out of this world? Not even good?
    i watched the game and i can say that you are 100% correct still...
    misery! lol

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    They lost to the wizards and the hornets or pelicans missed that one...

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    Say what you want but losing to the sorry *** wizards is not a good look. Early or not thats a terrible loss. They are definately not as dominant as last year
    The triangle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Knicks View Post
    i watched the game and i can say that you are 100% correct still...
    yep me too, I don't need to box score watch to realize the Heat shot 8-28 from three, and to anyone who don't realize thats terrible shooting and if you watched the game they were open looks.

    Heat also played without Battier and Coles and Chalmers jammed his finger in the fourth and sat.

    Wash wasn't exactly lighting up but did well shooting 48% but 36% from three, Heat just had one of those games.

    Also does everyone realize now Wash has beaten the Heat 3 straight times and twice last April?

    So anyone think maybe next time Miami will try to figure out why this low talented team without their best player can't win?

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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some of the posters here are right in that they won't be as dominant come playoff time.

    I don't totally agree but I hope I'm proven wrong =)

    Ron Paul 2012

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    The only way to tell is to play a seven game series in the playoff where games matter. It allow teams to adjust game by game. The best team should always come out a winner (Knicks).

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    knicks gotta come out strong thursday

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    Miami gotta get taped like everyone else. We still don't get the respect we deserve from around the league and I don't like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quietmoney View Post
    Miami gotta get taped like everyone else. We still don't get the respect we deserve from around the league and I don't like it.
    we havent done **** but get off to hot start until we win atleast playoff series.thye are the team to beat til someone takes them out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Munkeysuit View Post
    Rondo #1 PG in the league ...he has a ring to prove it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzbolt View Post
    Wall will win more and will be better then Irving Quote me.
    Quote Originally Posted by bearadonisdna View Post
    u can't build a franchise around lebron. Its been proven already. he can't attract players and has to follow to be matched up with talent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slyone_nyc View Post
    Heat are 29th in rebounding!!! that's a very significant ''issue''
    good stat! we cant be too far behind them though
    Elite Scoring

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