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    Quote Originally Posted by turnaround3 View Post
    Some dude at the gym today, who I guess recognized me (which was a little creepy in and of itself), came up and gave me a several minute lecture about the dangers of vigorously working my arms on consecutive days. I've heard similar stuff before but I've never really bought into it. Any of you guys subscribe to the idea that it's more harm than good?
    Im with the guy in the Gym, your muscles need rest to grow. Im currently trying to put mass on my arms and do them twice a week. My brother is a semi-pro and he thinks that is still too much. But, I space them out, Tuesday and Friday, that way they have enough time in between to heal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turnaround3 View Post
    Elaborate, please.

    Not being snarky, just genuinely interested in the reasoning this belief.
    Your body needs time to rest in order to grow. If you are doing arms 2 days in a row you arent going to grow to your full potential. As I said you are hitting arms twice a week when doing arms chest bis. No reason for any more then that.

    You want to over train a body part do your legs.

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