As some of you know from my other posts I've been getting back in the gym after being a year removed from being a workout regular due to graduating college/starting work. So I have some questions about protein intake...

I've seen a lot of people listing 1g per pound of body weight as an appropriate amount of protein to take in per day. That seems steep to me.

Back when I was in my good gym shape, I was taking in probably a little more than 50 grams a day, and it seemed to do the job fine. Now with that said, I wasn't really setting personal records for myself at the time, I was more just maintaining a look and feel that I was comfortable with.

But now, like I've said in my other posts, I'm not filling out my shirt the way I used to, my arms are a shell of what they were a year ago, and I just don't like it. So the goal I've set for myself is to have an upper body physique that's not just as good as it was in 2011, but better. I still work out my legs (I know a lot of you hate the guys at the gym who are in there doing arms and chest almost every day) but the weird thing is since I was a kid I've naturally had this stride where I walk kind of like on my tip toes, it's hard to explain without seeing it - anyway, it's kept my legs tone my whole life without requiring much effort on my part. That is to say, I've literally gotten compliments on my calves (no homo) as early as high school, and that was before I ever step foot in a weight room.

So, back on workouts spread out over the course of the week are primarily cardio/arms/chest/shoulders/abs with some back and legs mixed in now and then. And like I said, I want a muscular upper body better than what I had before, (which was really more of a toned slim than a muscular look). So I'm wondering if I really need to be upping my daily protein intake to my body weight (180-185 at 6'0) or if around 50 grams a day like I used to use to maintain what I had then would be ok. I'm honestly not leaning one way or the other so any and all input would be appreciated.