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    Chuck Pagano finishes final round of chemotherapy -- still targeting week 17 to coach

    Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano completed his last round of chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday and could resume coaching the team for its regular season finale on Dec. 30, according to the Indianapolis Star.

    "I'm fully supportive and I have my fingers crossed that he'll be there on the sideline if that's where he wants to be," Dr. Larry Cripe of IU Simon Cancer Center said Tuesday evening.

    Cripe added that the decsion on when to return would be made by Pagano and the Colts.

    "Medically, I think it's very possible and I think the coach will make the decision about how he's feeling and whether he's up to the task," Cripe said. "Then, the organization will make a decision."

    Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia on Sept. 26, after which offensive coordinator Bruce Arians took over interim coaching duties. The team, which finished 2-14 last season, has rallied behind Arians and rookie quarterback Andrew Luck and currently holds one of the AFC wild-card spots at 8-4.

    Pagano completed three rounds of chemotherapy, and has inspired the team even more by attending the Colts' last two home games. The Colts host the Houston Texans on the final Sunday of the regular season.

    "He's been amazing in terms of his focus," Cripe said. "He's done well enough; he's focused on his diet and his conditioning. He's done very well. But knock on wood. We've still got a couple more weeks to go."

    Obviously wonderful news.

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    This is awesome. It would be so heart warming to see him out there week 17. #CHUCKSTRONG

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    yeah, and i know this is going to sound cold, but it would give our team a huge emotional boost going into the playoffs (hopefully)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ombada View Post
    yeah, and i know this is going to sound cold, but it would give our team a huge emotional boost going into the playoffs (hopefully)
    Don't think that sounds cold at all...actually IMO it is what we should be hoping for.

    If that happens it is a win for everyone in Colt nation. We get our coach back to rally the team for the playoffs...and the fact that he is back means that he is in good health. Nothing cold about wishing the best situation going into the playoffs for the team and wishing good health for the coach at the same time when they are intertwined.

    Now if you were hoping for him to have a setback or he wasn't healthy enough to return so our team chemistry wasn't messed with or something that would be cold...but I highly doubt anyone in here has that sentiment.
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