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I agree to an extent. Today I thought he did a very poor job though. I was really harsh on Kobe today, thought he could've gotten people involved more.

Dwight can't be getting only 9 shots. Kobe has to force feed him early and often. Also Metta, Duhon, Hill, Clark and Antawn were a combined 18-32 (56.25%). People were rolling offensively, and he failed to get anybody involved. He needs to take a step back and facilitate until Nash gets back.
Yeah I felt the same way, Kobe dominated the ball today and had tunnel vision in terms of looking for his shot and only his shot. I was irritated with his play today as he could have been a much better fascilitator. The team is better when he allows the game to come to him and is creating for others. I prefer the games in which he scores around 20 to 25 pts and has around 6 to 7 assists. He was playing great basketball the first 10 to 12 games of the year, but has reverted back to some of his old ways lately.