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Let us not assume tht LBJ is number one. I think that is up to debate. It really depends on what level of excellence James maintains over the next few season and what kind of success he brings to the people around him.

That said, I will address the question at hand.

Can he? Yes, he could. That doesn't mean he will. Even if he plays at his current level for another ten season I would be hesitant to say yes. That would mean he maintianed his high level of play longer than Bird, but Bird was, aside from being a great scorer, and certainly a better shooter than Durant, was also a much better rebounder and play maker. Durant would have to improve his game to be in that conversation.

That said he is rebounding the ball very well this season, and judging from the box-scores i would say it seems like he is putting out the effort to be a play maker as well. I hope this works out and he develops that skill.

So yes... he could, but I haven't seen the kind of all-around game from Durant that would leave me to believe it WILL happen. But he is making the efforts to improve his game. We'll see where it goes over the next couple of season. Who knows, Durant may pass LBJ as well.
You say that Larry was "certainly a better shooter than Durant". Then Lebron? Yes. But what makes you say that about Larry over Durant? Certainly not the numbers as KD shoots now.

As to the question. Yes, of course. He's already a legendary talent and has proven to have the work ethic to match. But he needs to have a long and storied career ahead of him to make that happen. And I do not put LBJ over Bird yet. Relative equals I can deal with.