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    Quote Originally Posted by IHateTheSkins View Post
    That Adderall is a PED. Ive taken it before, and I ended up waking up in an old folks home naked pissing blood all over some fake teeth. I highly doubt it would help me jump a route.
    Resorting to making up extremely ******** stories on the internet must be a horrible place to be at in one's life... even if it was true (which obviously it isnt) why would you ever tell somone else about that...?
    Panic. It crept up my spine like first rising vibes of an acid frenzy. There I was. Alone in Las Vegas, completely twisted on drugs, no cash, no story for the magazine, and on top of everything else, a gigantic god damned hotel bill to deal with.

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    Carson, trust me, even if you turn out to be a really bad QB, BDawk4Prez will always defend you on PSD.

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