does anyone else feel that the nfl is constantly targeting the redskins in anyway possible? does no one think that its just coincidental that we and the cowboys were notified the night before free agency started, that we will be short 46 mil. anyone think that 46 mil is a substantial enough amount to ...oh i dont know, give us a few days notice? is it not even wierder that the president, CEO, and co-owner of the giants happened to be the one that was behind this, and then makes his intentions pretty clear by saying "I think the Redskins are lucky they didn't lose draft picks". is it not strange that redskins and cowboys lead the league in penalties, meanwhile giants and falcons happen to be least penalized. oh btw, falcons ceo happens to be co chairman for nfl comittee. another question is, why do sherman and browner get an appeal date, and griffin doesnt? so they get to play till the appeal, but griffin is done? theres alot of question marks here, but soemthing with the peds i dont know yet, bt the rest of it is just way to bizzare and seems unreasonably to be against us.