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    Jul 2010

    The Life & Times of Tim

    Just saw a few episodes. Had never heard of it. This show is awesome.
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    Dec 2009
    Three seasons later it was officially cancelled. My favorite show ever, though

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    Aug 2007
    Omaha, Nebraska, United States
    I loved watching this show, i got excited and thought it coming back when i seen this thread.

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    Jan 2007
    One of the best little known shows ever. Tim had the worst luck ever and some of the characters in this show were nuts. I love the Priest and Stu

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    Jul 2009
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    A very well done show that knows what its good at; and, for the most part, stays in its boundaries.

    Not to sound like snobby TV guy, but: When I meet someone and we get to talking about shows and they name Tim, I always gain some level of respect for their sense of humor.

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