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Alex Smith - A game manager that Rex & Sparano will likely covet. He can also make plays with his legs. We will have to give up a pick in a trade, likely a 2nd. Maybe they will take Sanchez off our hands at the same time.

Matt Flynn - Yes, a gamble, but he was productive in college, and when given a chance in the pros, he has been scary good. Not a good sign that he lost the training camp battle to Wilson, but he is a gamer, and is worth a shot. Same deal with Smith, give up a pick (maybe a 3rd), and hopefully Carroll will be receptive to a Sanchez reunion.
these would be my top 2 options regarding trades instead of going with an unproven rookie. id take smith over flynn, but just cause flynn lost the battle to wilson in camp just speaks volumes on how good and promising wilson is. id probably take wilson over both smith and flynn, but id honestly be VERY optimistic with either of these two, especially over sanchez right now. and keep mcelroy to develop, i see some upside there.