Guys make sure you play matchups ... This can win or loose you your lg.

I got a first round bye , so I'm looking at next week

I have Denver's D who is playing @BAL... So I picked up CIN who is playing Philly week 15... This is for 2 reasons. So the guy I'm playing can't pick CIN hot d up and I can pick one of the 2 great Ds this year

As for kickers. Pay attention the weather; the wind especially . I have Blair Walsh who was getting me 10-15 points 4-5 weeks in a row but I think for week 15 I'm rolling with either Hanson or TB kicker.. Hanson will be @ HOU and I think TB kicker will be @ NO

Just wanna make sure u guys pay attention to these little things... They matter and can win or loose u your lg!