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Great move in my opinion. Look I am not in love with a team of old free agents, but its not like Trout is available. Best the Yankees find pieces like this for short term deals. When a real good free agent comes available pounce. For now its best going year to year (maybe two if need be) but not taking on big contracts. Get under the cap for 2014, and then be in a position to pounce later. Let the Angels pay Hamilton 25 million a year - and worry he will fall off the wagon (the guy is never healthy either). Yankees have an old team, however, staying competive with vets, trying to build a young pitching staff, and supplementing veteran pieces for the league minimum is key.

Its a formula that works...don't believe me look at the Knicks offseason. Thomas, Wallace and Kidd are all producing great.
Not that its easy to compare basketball and baseball but the old guys on the Knicks were added to a main core that was all under 30 in Felton, Melo, JR, Amare, Tyson.

The old guys added to the Yankees are being added to an already old core of players.