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apparently fans want a change but when change comes they dont like it and want to go back to the old ways of doing things thats lead to NOTHING. so yeah let the yankees spend on brand name over sane direction

allowing romine and cervelli to catch isnt a defeated mentality, thats the stupidest thing ive read and the yankees arent even going to do that I just wish they did, they will say thats their plan but its not. the team needs to transition and have a couple of down years for the sake of the overall health and direction
Yea we want change, but a player needs to prove he can play a full, healthy, and somewhat productive season in the minors, preferably AAA, before getting called up to the majors. Furthermore, if he hits really well in spring training that will also enhance his chances of making the team.

I would love nothing more then for Romine to be granted the starters catching job.

He needs to earn it first.

You're ranting is simply to belittle the Yankee fans who just want to see their team win and not let a greedy owner run it to the ground. I'm not saying he should not strive to get below the $189M mark, but there are moves that should have already been made this off-season that would still keep finances in tact for 2014.