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    Here's a name no one's talking about: Pedro Ciriaco. Would be a modest upgrade over Peralta. Much better defender, has decent on-base skills and speed on the bases. I know he has a limited resume, but in 300 MLB at-bats, he's batting .300 and has an OPS of .725 and is 18-of-22 stealing bases. Can play SS, 2B, 3B and all three OF positions.

    Boston is all set at MIF with Drew and Pedroia with Iglesias and Boegarts waiting in the wings.

    Porcello/Boesch/lower-level prospect for Bailey/Ciriaco?

    Then deal Peralta.

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    it's weird seeing "2013" as join date

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    I don't think Boston is in our future.....

    Quote Originally Posted by T $$$ View Post
    With what the current Red Sox team roster looks like...what would it take to pry away Jose Iglesias from the Bo Sox? Iglesias is out of a spot as Xander Bogaerts is the heir apparent at SS. Pedroia is long term at 2B an they have Middlebrooks at 3B.

    Do we match up in a trade?
    We match up in many ways, but it will probably cost us Porcello and Garcia or Dirks..... Not Boesch. Boston definately has what we need as far as SS prospects and we can help them with pitching but they are in no way desperate (but then again neither are we). I'd love to get someone like Ciriaco, but I would be just as happy with Inglesias (although he is more one dimensional and nowhere near the hitter Ciriaco is). My point is after the meltdown Boston went through last year and all they gave up and lost, they have come out shining and I believe they are primed and deep enough to take the East. Trading off either one of those infielders hurts those chances.

    I think we match up much better with Tampa as a trade partner and would like to see if we could pull off a deal for Zobrist. He is solid as they come and can play infield and Leftfield. I don't know if they would trade him, but we have Crosby, Porcello, Putkonen, Dirks, Garcia and several 1B prospects to dangle in front of them and they have ZERO depth. Going into 2013, I am fine with Peralta at SS, beyond 2013, I would like to see what Suarez is all about and try and build a little depth in our system.
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