So Colorado is mentioning Dexter Fowler as a trade option for pitching. How about Porcello, Villareal, and Casali/McAnn for Fowler and one of their young SS prospects (Rutledge, Story, Herrera, Adames). Porcello is a innings guy they are looking for (175+), he's 48-42 for his career, he's a ground ball pitcher they need, and he's under 25 years old. Villareal is a very good relief prospect and they need young bullpen guys. We could use the everyday LF in Fowler who would make our outfield very defensive. The SS they have are all very good prospects and would immediately be in our top 5 and hopefully be ready next year. It also gives us flexibility to move Dirks and/or Boesch. I think it's a great trade for both teams.