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    Crazy Expansion Idea

    Alright, so the rumors of Virginia and Georgia Tech going to the Big Ten got me thinking.

    If that were to happen the ACC would most likely implode, either quickly, or slowly. Florida State, Clemson, and possibly Miami could be Big 12 bound. the SEC has their eye on either UNC and Duke or NC State and Virginia Tech.

    I don't think the Big 12 is going to implode anymore so that rules out Texas, Oklahoma and the lot, and the rest of our Westerly schools aren't very good matches (heck, Utah wasn't a perfect match by any stretch). So that would seemingly leave the Pac-12 out of the expansion race... or would it?

    If the doomsday scenario starts to play out, what if the Pac-12 invited a 4 team pod from the East beginning with North Carolina and Duke? They could then choose between NC State, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, or Boston College.

    I know it would be a lot of travel for the teams in that pod, but not an outrageous amount. They would play all 3 of the other teams in their conference and then essentially have a home and home with the other 3 pods, meaning 3 West Coast trips.

    Do you think something like this is even possible? Feasible? Am I a complete moron for thinking it?

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    Sounds cool but you have to remember they are "Student" Athletes, that sort of schedule would be too tough on a youngster.
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