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    Quote Originally Posted by bagwell368 View Post
    By all means come out and say what you stand for.
    I didn't know that I was obliged to take a firm stand on some issue here. I've said that I don't think the Victorino signing was a big deal, or that detrimental to the Red Sox and I had merely started in this conversation when I noticed you defended the Victorino signing by making a flawed comparison to a trade for Jose Reyes (a trade which involved several other players).

    Quote Originally Posted by bagwell368 View Post
    I notice you failed to answer post #257.
    I did reply to your post, and you replied to my reply.

    Quote Originally Posted by bagwell368 View Post
    Thanks for the "sorry" about the $4M on Reyes contract...
    I didn't apologize for initially missing the buyout price on a 6th year, just as you didn't apologize for missing the money thrown in by the Marlins for the first year.

    Quote Originally Posted by bagwell368 View Post
    BTW why are you talking about him in this thread? Oh, an excuse to complain about others. How clever.
    By "him" I assume you're referring to Jose Reyes? If so, I'm merely responding to you who brought up his name in this thread in relation to Shane Victorino (for an unknown reason).

    I'm not even sure what you're getting so upset about, but since you seem inclined to throw around insults and make statements intended to provoke immature conflicts, I'll simply leave you to it. Enjoy your final shots intended to insult and provoke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bagwell368 View Post
    Ummm.. that was something I wrote early in the day, nothing intended for that post (#262) or poster, and I know damn well I brought it up first last night, with another poster.

    But thanks.
    Why is it that you decided to turn this thread into a Jays/Sox pissing match? It's not the first time you did it either. Ahhhh is someone jealous?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tragedy View Post
    It's not about being an idiot.

    It's about being biased. Obviously he's going to pick his team.
    I guess.

    I just believe that if he is going to have a baseball talk show that he would do his best to become as un-biased to any team as possible.

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    Kevin Millar has no business talking baseball, he's a ****ing moron and on top of that is super annoying and unfunny.

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