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Your AAV and totals on Reyes are incorrect. As is your claim that Reyes produces more - since 2008 that's false.
You're right that I missed the $4M buyout option for the club option for a 6th season, just as you missed the $3M the Marlins are paying him in 2013.

I love your prediction then presented as a fact that he'll be injured when he's 32 years old as well. That's gold. Well played.

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What's your fascination with SV? Didn't seem that marked until the sore spot Reyes was brought up. Wat up w/ that?
I don't think Victorino is even slightly fascinating, so I'm not quite sure how you came up with that idea. I was merely responding to your earlier post where you tried to defend the Victorino signing by boiling down the Jays trade with the Marlins to a single player in it whom you feel is overpaid as a comparison to try to justify the Victorino signing. It was a flawed and emotional response on your part.