I know everyone is looking for someone to blame for the lockout but for right now I want to focus only on the Bruins. It's no secret that Jacobs is one of the "lightning rods" that continues to keep the NHL season in a lockout.

My question is what kind of affect could this have on the future of this team? Could current players be so disgusted by Jacobs that they wont even consider Boston when it comes to re-signings or extensions? Could potential FA's look at what Jacobs is doing and decide they don't want to "work" for a man like that?

The Bruins are currently one of the few teams that are making money year after year in the NHL. Is Jacobs going to "potentially" cost this team in the future to put more money in his pocket now? as a Bruins fan how do you feel knowing that it our owner who is nearly single handedly keeping you from the sport you love to watch?