All give +4 pot and bonus.

Inside Scoring: +2 Inside, +1 Str, +1 Jumping
Outside Scoring: +2 Jump-Shot, +2 3pt
Play-Maker: +2 Handling and Passing
Rebounding: +2 Off & Def Rebounding
Perimeter Defense: +2 Peri D and Stealing
Post Defense: +2 Post D and Block

Example: The Lakers send C John Smith with inside scoring.
Gives +4 pot, +2 inside, +1 str, +1 jump


You may send only two players to the D-League.

They still must be in their 1st or 2nd year.

There are 6 sim's in a season and your player must be on the IR for at least 3 of them or he will lose his rewards.

You can't camp the player for the whole season.

You can't send a player who's gone beforem

No changes or additions after Sim 1.

D-League Rewards are always input after the season is over.

You cannot send a player to another team to be D-Leagued.

If a player in the d-league is traded he cannot be traded back to his previous team.